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Privacy Policy:

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The privacy of you is extremely important for us, this policy could be updated as per requirements, all the personal information like History of Browser, IP address and internal external pages information, may be used only for better services to provide for public.

Cookies & How to Control Your Privacy

Whenever necessary this blog uses cookies for storing the information about the preference of visitors and for traffic 
However, your browser history can be changed to disable the cookies if you want privacy concerns. Generally you should not enable cookies for all sites because it is recommended, contact browser's documentations to know how to enable and disable the cookies.

 About the Advertisements

The advertisements by Google Inc. can be controlled by cookies, the cookies let the Google display ads based on visitor's visits to this site and other sites which are using Google-advertising-services, the instructions about enabling & disabling cookies is aforementioned.  
The Google ad policy may be found on the hyperlink

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